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ART 117 - Art Appreciation: Carrie Gregg: Getting Started

Resources for Art Appreciation assignments

Welcome to the Art Appreciation Research Guide

This guide provides links to and information about the resources available to you as complete your Art Appreciation assignments.

Albrecht Dürer, "The Virgin with the Dragonfly". 1495. Engraved Print.

Dürer, Albrecht. The Virgin with the Dragonfly. 1495. The New York Public Library Digital Collections, Accessed 12 Sept. 2017.

Brief Background/Overview

For a brief history and some basic information about an artist, try a search in Britannica Encyclopedia.  Your search will usually bring you to the main article for that artist, but don't miss the additional resources available through the related sources on the left. The "Web's Best Sites" often provides links to relevant museum exhibits. Linked sites, such as wikis or dot coms with ads, should be evaluated in the same manner as any site on the open web.     

"Man and Woman Painted on a Large Leaf". 1850. Painting.

Man and Woman Painted on a Large Leaf. 1850. The New York Public Library Digital Collections, Accessed 12 Sept. 2017.

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