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BUS 101 - Intro to Business: Jane Lange: APA Formatting and Guidelines

Ethical Choices and Plagiarism Lessons

   For a great discussion and quick little quizzes about ethical decision making when writing a paper, please go to the Ethical Writing Choices page.

Helpful Links for APA

  Below are links to help you with APA formatting.

APA Template

Use the APA template on the Research Help page to format your paper.  Save and use this template as the starting point for your APA-style paper, replacing its generic information with your information. Be sure to give your document a different title so you can use this basic template again as needed.

APA Mini-Movie

Step-by-Step APA Paper Format


Unable to get your cat to format your paper for you; not quite sure what your APA formatted paper should look like? Click below for step-by-step instructions for preparing an APA formatted paper.

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Is your online writing assistance. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Click here to go to the submission guidelines and link.

The Virtual Writing Center

Is our online face-to-face tutoring and is available during Writing Center hours. Please email the OWL ( for directions in signing up for this great service or for setting up tutoring if you cannot use our Writing Center Hours.