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NoodleTools and How It Works: In-text Reference

This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up a NoodleTools ID as a Kirtland student.

In-text (parenthetical) citation help

Parenthetical (in-text) reference help is available from the sources page of your Noodletools project.


From the Options drop down menu, located to the far right of each entry, choose In-text reference.

Example for Your Source

Depending on the source, this help screen may prompt for a page or volume number in order to customize the example so that you can copy and paste it directly into your paper.

Scroll down below the example to read detailed instructions to guide you through special cases and other modifications to the parenthetical reference that might be necessary depending on the rest of your sentence and the other entries in your source list.

NoodleTools Help

Page adapted from NoodleTools Help.

More Citation Help