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MKT 204 - Advertising: Erine Adams: Writing Help

Information to assist marketing and advertising students

Who We Are

                     Welcome to the Writing Center LibGuide

This LibGuide is  a great resource. We have information about APA and MLA formats. There is a conversation about ethical writing choices and avoiding plagiarism. We even have hints and helps with grammar and mechanical issues. We have some fun little clips that will lift your lagging spirits as well. Explore and enjoy!


The Writing Center, the OWL & the Virtual Writing Center (VWC)

We provide writing assistance one-on-one and in person, via email, or online in a meeting room. You will work with a part-time English instructor.

The Writing Center is one-on-one in person writing assistance. Located in the Library in Roscommon, the Library Resource Center in Grayling or M-TEC in Gaylord, our tutors are available to help students improve their writing at the global level with attention to argument, structure, organization and effectiveness all the way down to the individual word choice level. Our focus is on helping students develop their writing skills. Techniques and ideas are also offered to help students learn to proof and edit their own work.

The OWL is an alternative option for those unable to make it to Roscommon, Grayling, or M-TEC. While face-to-face is more effective method of tutoring, there are times when it is not possible to meet with a writing tutor. All students, who wish to submit to the OWL, are required to read the Submission Guidelines. Following the guidelines will ensure a timely and appropriate response to questions.

The Virtual Writing Center is another option for students. This allows face-to-face help with papers via an online meeting room called Zoom. Students may self-enroll in the Canvas course by following this link: to enroll in the course. Students run through a quick orientation and quiz and email the OWL to set up several appointment options. For more information on any of these services, simply email us at


Looking for the Right Word?

sleeping kitty 

Is this kitty merely tired? Or is he beat, bushed, exhausted, worn out, dog-tired? When you are looking for the right word choice and seem to be stuck, check out Snappy Words by clicking here. It is a free visual dictionary and thesaurus that will lead you in the write direction.

The Writing Center Semester Office Hours

The Writing Center

Summer 2018:

KCC - Roscommon

Closed for Summer Semester - please contact for virtual/face to face writing service or more information.

HSC - Grayling

Closed for Summer Semester - please contact for virtual/face to face writing service or more information.



Is your online writing assistance. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Click here to go to the submission guidelines and link.

The Virtual Writing Center

Is our online face-to-face tutoring and is available during Writing Center hours. Please email the OWL ( for directions in signing up for this great service or for setting up tutoring if you cannot use our Writing Center Hours.

Think you are struggling? Check this guy out!

Just a quirky and fun reminder that we all struggle with new things.

Writing Center Host

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Heidi Sura
The Writing Center ext. 403