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Provides information on attendance criteria and how to create an Early Alert and Progress Report.

Early Alerts

What is an Alert?

  • An Alert identifies students who have not participated in class (refer to Attendance/Participation Criteria) within the first week of the semester.
  • An Alert is a way to assist in retaining students.
  • The Advisors will contact students who receive an Alert prior to the census date.  

When should an Alert be created?

  • ASAP if a student has NOT attended.
  • Within the first week when you have identified a student who has not participated.  

After the first week, use the Progress Report. 

Behavior and improper conduct incidents should be sent to the BIT team (  If you have questions about Alerts, contact your dean/director.

Create an Alert Using GradesFirst

1. Access GradesFirst from Canvas or MyKirtland.

2. On the GradesFirst page, find the box “Students in Your Classes” section. 

3. Check the box next to the student you wish to send an Alert on. 

4. Click “Actions” and select “Issue Alert”. Select only 1 student at a time. 

5. Select “Not Attended / No Participation” for the reason. 

6. Select the class. This helps the advisors when contacting the students. 

7. Add comments, if desired. 

8. Click “Submit Report.”  
NOTE: Alerts will be available until Friday of the
Summer Semester to allow the advisor to contact the students and time for the student to drop. The alert is emailed to the student’s advisor and they will take action.
Revised: 5/2018