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Database Searching: Database Searching

An introduction to basic and advanced database searches


The Library provides access to nearly 70 different databases. Access Kirtland databases on the Databases page:

Note: You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access the library's databases.

ProQuest & InfoTrac

ProQuest and Gale's InfoTrac provide access to many databases.  The video tutorials on this page will show you how to search library databases more easily and productively. 

How to Search - ProQuest

ProQuest offers video tutorials on how to search their databases. Watch these to help you improve your searching skills in ProQuest.

A basic search is quick and produces many results. (2:11)

An advanced search can help you zero in on just the information you are looking for. (2:13)

Understand the results of your search and see what features ProQuest databases offer. (3:43)

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How to Search - InfoTrac (7:49)

Using Gale's InfoTrac Resources - Basics (7:49)

General Tips for Searching Databases (5:19)

This video, from the Memoirs of a Modern Librarian,  provides 7 search tips that apply to most databases.

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