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Faculty Support: Library News

The Latest News from the Kirtland Library

The Latest Library News ~ February 2017

Let your students know...

If your students need to submit assignments in APA or MLA format, you can let them know that formatting and citing help is available in the Writing Center LibGuide.  There they will find:

  • links to templates - they can replace the sample text with their own for easy formatting.
  • step-by-step instructions for formatting in Word from scratch.
  • links to Purdue OWL's sample papers.
  • information about ethical writing.

The citation tool, NoodleTools, is also available to Kirtland students.  For more information about NoodleTools, please see the August Resource Spotlight box at the bottom of this page.

Grayling Update

Our Grayling branch, the Library & Student Resource Center (Room 1401), has become a busy place!  Students can print from the Express Computers, check out books, audio books, and DVDs, study, and get drop-in math and writing help. 

We periodically rotate the fiction collection and focus the rest of the collection on the topics we know students will need to research.  If your class has an upcoming research project, please let us know so we are prepared to accommodate student demand.  We are also happy to arrange for your personal requests to be at the location most convenient for you.  Just let us know!

One-to-one Tutoring:

Tutoring services are available to all Kirtland students and are headquartered in the Library.  The tutor request form is in Canvas.  They can find it by clicking on the resources button at the bottom of the menu along the left side of the Canvas screen.

Drop-in services are another option. Drop-in services are available for math and writing at several locations.  Hours vary by semester and can be found under "How to Contact Us" on the tutoring page, .

Central campus at Roscommon:

The Math Drop-In Lab and the Writing Center are both located in the Library.

Kirtland Health Sciences Center at Grayling:

The Math Drop-In Lab and the Writing Center are both located in the Library/Student Resource Center.  The Library/Student Resource Center is located in Room 1401, which is on the left as you enter Corridor B from the first floor main hall. 

Kirtland M-TEC at Gaylord:

Please see the tutoring page or contact M-TEC’s main office for more information about the times and location of M-TEC's Writing Center.  Writing assistance is also available online.  For more information about the Online Writing Lab and Virtual Writing Center see the OWL page. 

Kirtland at West Branch:

Writing assistance is available online through the Online Writing Lab and Virtual Writing Center.  For more information about the Online Writing Lab see the OWL page.  Please contact the Library for information about math tutoring at this location.

Online Students and Other Locations:

Besides the OWL (Online Writing Lab) and the Virtual Writing Center, students are welcome at any of Kirtland's tutoring labs and centers.

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The Latest Library News ~ August 2016

Our main hub will still be in Roscommon, but we are excited about the opportunity to provide services to the Kirtland community in Grayling!  Whether you call our Roscommon number (989-275-5000, Ext.246) or our Grayling number (989-275-5000, Ext. 1246 or Ext. 1247) your call will reach us – wherever we may be!

Our Grayling branch will be known as the Library & Student Resource Center (Room 1401) and will provide library services including a circulating collection of books, audio books, and DVDs and Express Computers for student research. The Student Resource Center will also be the place to go for Drop-In Math and other tutoring services. 

Since materials will be shared between library locations, it will be necessary to plan ahead, especially for equipment needs.  When we know in advance where and when you want to check out an item, we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Library & Student Resource Center hours of operation for both library and tutoring are shown in the box below.

Heidi Sura, our Writing Center tutor, has created a series of 90 second videos to introduce students to the resources available to them through Kirtland Library & Tutoring. Click on the playlist icon in the upper left corner of the video below to see what's available. Please feel free to share these videos with your students, in person or in Canvas.

NoodleTools has a New Look

NoodleTools has undergone a makeover, but your account and projects are intactThe new design:

  • lets users skip the dashboard and go straight from the project page to the sources or notecards page. 
  • guides the user through choosing the right source type when creating a new citation by asking where the resource is located and then displaying a menu of applicable possibilities.
  • offers a bird's-eye view of notecard piles so they'll no longer get lost if they get pushed to the screen edge.

Log in or create your account in NoodleTools to see what's new.  Access NoodleTools from the library's webpage.

Getting ready for Fall Semester – Embedded Librarian

  • The embedded librarian program supports your students as they research by providing library resources and reference help right within your Canvas course. For more information about the embedded librarian program, please see the embedded librarian page of this guide.

Coming soon –  LibraryH3lp

  • LibraryH3lp is a software platform that lets us communicate with you through chat sessions. You will be able to receive chat research guidance from the library's guides and web page and from within Canvas. During chat hours, you will no longer have to stop what you are doing to give us a call or sign into your email. LibraryH3lp isn’t up and running yet, but it's in the works!
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Resource Spotlight ~ February 2017

Films on Demand Database

Films on Demand Streaming Video is available with your single sign-on.  It has newsreels, documentaries, and other educational videos.  You can show or assign an entire title, choose a segment, or create your own segment.  Students can also use the videos in their presentations and research.  Many titles provide transcripts which can be searched for particular terms and are also helpful when citing.  Films on Demand can be found on the Library homepage under Digital Media. 

Resource Spotlight ~ August 2016

NoodleTools: the recommended citation maker for Kirtland students

NoodleTools is provided to Kirtland students and employees for free. To access, go to the Library's home page where it will recognize you as "belonging" to Kirtland. You can log-in if you already have an account or create a NoodleTools account. Once an account is created users can:

  • enter source information, and NoodleTools will correctly format a citation in either APA or MLA
  • see suggestions for in-text citations
  • share access to a project and its sources with other students
  • share access to a project and its sources with the instructor
  • create notecards that are linked to the source used
  • easily generate a correctly formatted bibliography

Encourage your students to use NoodleTools for their research projects, and give it a try yourself. 

New Books (and more)!

Wondering what's new in books, e-books, audio books, and DVDs?  Check out the latest additions to the collection:

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