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FAQs - Library Information

Frequently Asked Questions about the KCC Library

Do you have computers, Wi-Fi, headphones, and flash drives?

Yes!  Yes!  No.  No.

Kirtland Library (Roscommon) has 14 computer worktables, 4 reference computers, and 6 express computers.  The Student Resource Center (Grayling) has 4 express computers.  All of the computers have internet access, and free Wi-Fi is available at both locations.  Headphones and flash drives are NOT for sale at either location. 

How much does printing cost?

There is no charge for reasonable printing by current Kirtland students.  There is a ten cent per page fee for all other patrons.  Your pages will be available from a library staff member at the circulation desk.  The library printer is only configured to print from the library's computers.


Can I print from my computer?

No, the library printer is only configured to print from the library’s computers. 

How much does it cost to make copies?

Copying is available at the Library (Central campus - Roscommon).  It costs ten cents per page.  The self-serve copier accepts coins and bills.

Does the library have a DVD player?

Yes, the Kirtland Library (Roscommon) has a DVD player in the study room. Sometimes class assignments require the viewing of a DVD.  Please contact the reference librarian to reserve the study room.  The study room has a table, chairs, television, and DVD player.

Do you have a way to send/receive a FAX?

Yes!  A librarian in the Kirtland Library (Roscommon) will be happy to send or receive a FAX for you.  There is a fee of 25 cents per page. 

Is there a way I can get something scanned?

Yes, but the library does not offer scanning services.  To get something scanned you will need to go to the Print Shop which is in the Physical Plant building, adjacent to the Fine Arts Center (Central campus - Roscommon).