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Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Using Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Special Features

Opposing Viewpoints has quite a few special features.  Right below the title of an article there is an option to listen to the article as it is read out loud.  On the far right there are choices of print size.  From the tools menu on the right side of the page there are options such as email, save, download, or printing the article.  Also under Tools is a dictionary link which allows you to look up words without leaving the article.  You can listen as the definition is read out loud.  Within the articles some words are hyperlinked.  You can look at other topics related to selected terms.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Maps

One of the options in the primary links menu just below the header is Maps.  Interactive maps on a variety of topics can be found here as well as within the relevant topic entry.  The Maps page has a  horizontal  image meu panel.  By clicking the arrow just below either end of the panel you can browse the Maps topics.