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ART 100 - Art History I: Videos

Resources for Art Appreciation assignments

Films on Demand

Suggested Search Terms

Try these search terms when looking for project information:
Acrylic Art Deco Baroque


Cezanne Cubism Durer Dali
Impressionism Klimt Leonardo da Vinci


O'Keeffe Pastel Renaissance Rodin
Raphael Rococo Surrealism


Stein Turner Toulouse-Lautrec Trompe-l'oeil
Vorticism Vasari Valenciennes


Warhol Woodcut Water-Colour Rembrandt
Rubens Monet Picasso Jackson Pollock
Goya Bob Ross Abstract Expressionism Stan Lee

About Films on Demand

In the Films on Demand database you will find individual titles about art and artists as well as many series including:

  • Art 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century - Seasons 1-7
  • Artists at Work: A Film on the New Deal Art Project
  • Inside the Tate Modern : A Century of Modern Art - 5 titles
  • Masterworks - Each episode in this series discusses a piece of art.  Episodes are typically about 10 minutes long.  191 episodes in the series.
  • Masterworks of Western Art - 8 titles
  • Oil on Canvas - 6 titles
  • Palettes : Great Artists, Great Art Series - Times vary, 14 titles
  • Palettes II : Great Artists, Great Art Series - Times vary, 11 titles
  • Palettes III : Great Artists, Great Art Series - Times vary, 25 titles

Many titles provide transcripts (look at the tabs in the box to the right) which can be helpful when citing. Some also allow searching within a transcript to more easily find relevant information, however you need to scroll through the transcript to look for highlighted terms.  It does not automatically jump to them.