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BIO 236 - Anatomy & Physiology II: Home

Find information here for your BIO 236 Toxicology Research Project.

Research Project - Toxicology

Poisonous/Venomous Animals (choose one from this list)

Common Name Scientific Name Toxin (or toxin family)
Poison frog phyllobates terribilis Batrachotoxin
Cane toad bufo marinus Cardiac glycosides
Blue-ringed octopus hapalochlaena lunulata Maculotoxin
Box jellyfish chironex fleckeri



Dermatonecrotic toxin

Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms (choose one from this list)

Common Name Scientific Name Toxin (or toxin family)
Castor bean ricinus communis Ricin
A mixture from different trees, namely strychnos toxifera and chondrodendron tomentosum



Death Cap Mushroom amanita phalloides

Cyclopeptide (amatoxin and phallotoxin)

Fool's Funnel clitocybe riyulosa Muscarine
Tobacco plant nicotiana species Nicotine

Natural or Man Made Poisons (choose one from this list)

Drug - Common Name Active Ingredient
Cyanide Cyanide or CN group containing compounds
Arsenic Arsenic or As
Strychnine C21H22N2O2
Mercury Mercury or Hg
Paraquat 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-1,4-dioxin

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