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Compass® Test

Tips & hints for preparing to take the Reading, Writing and Math sections of the college placement test - the Compass® test.

Math Hand Gestures


  • Adding and Subtracting: common denominator
  • Multiplying: straight across
  • Dividing: flip and multiply


  • Adding and Subtracting: line them up
  • Multiplying: count them up
  • Dividing: move the up OR move them over then move them up

Percents: Is/of = x/100

Memorize These Math Formulas

"Brain dump" these formulas on a piece of scratch paper as soon as you get settled in the testing site.

  1. Area of a triangle = 1/2 b x h
  2. Area of a circle = A =  π r ²
  3. Circumference of a circle = dπ
  4. Area of a rectangle = L x W

π = Pi

Math Tips Video