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SPE 114 - Interpersonal/Public Communication

Welcome to the Intro to Interpersonal/Public Communication Library Guide

Whether you are doing research for a speech or a paper, the Kirtland Library has many resources designed to make the process easier.  The library's web page will help you find the resource you are looking for.

Research Made Easy - Getting Started

Research is easier if you take it a step at a time.  Review the following tutorial for an overview of the research process.


The Assignment Calculator helps you pace your work.  Enter the date the assignment is due and it will break the assignment into parts.  Each part has links to further information to assist you with that step of the process.  Enter a date, and give it a try.

Evaluating Information

"Consider the source" is a common saying which means that you should think about who is providing the information.  The person says, "consider the source" to indicate that he thinks the information provider is not reliable and may be offering biased or inaccurate information.

  • You should always consider the source when you are doing researchBecause the world wide web connects you to information provided by just about anybody for just about any purpose, web resources in particular should be evaluated carefully.
  • Watch the videos and read the information on the Evaluating Web Sources guide.  The guide has information about the C.R.A.A.P. criteria for web evaluation and how Wikipedia can be used when doing academic research.

Finding Information - Getting Familiar with the Kirtland Catalog

The Kirtland Catalog holds the records of the books, audio books, DVDs, magazines, and other items owned by the Kirtland Library.  We have added records for the e-books and downloadable audio books available through OverDrive to the Kirtland Catalog too.

This guide page shows you where you will find the Kirtland Catalog and the basics of searching it.

Finding Information - When it's Not in the Kirtland Library

There may be times you want a book or article that the Kirtland Library does not have or more.  You can check to see if other libraries have the book by searching for it in WorldCatWhen you find the item you want, you can ask the Kirtland Library to request the item from the other library through interlibrary loan.  The guide below explains the interlibrary loan process. 

Finding information - e-Books : Ebrary & OverDrive

Kirtland Library has two main collections of ebooks.  The e-brary ebook collection has many nonfiction titles available to you with your single sign-onThe OverDrive collection has both ebooks and audio books and has a mix of nonfiction and popular fiction.  To check out OverDrive titles you need to have an active account with the library and have your library issued PIN.  The following guides have more information about these collections.

Finding Information - Getting Familiar with Databases

College research becomes easier when you become familiar with library databases.  Library databases give you access to journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, as well as videos, and audio recordings.  Much of what is available through library databases is not available on the open web.  At first some databases may look boring because you won't see ads or links to unrelated sites.  However once you become familiar with them, you will appreciate their usefulness.  

Searching library databases is a little different than doing an internet search.  The guide below provides tips for making your searches more productive. 

Finding Information - CQ Researcher & Opposing Viewpoints Databases

CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints in Context databases are good places to begin your research.  Both are user-friendly and can be helpful when you are looking for a topic.

Using the Information You've Gathered Ethically - Avoiding Plagiarism

After researching your topic, you will want to make sure you use the information you've gathered in an ethical manner.  Doing so will help you avoid plagiarism.  Learn more about ethical writing by reviewing the information on the Ethical Writing Choices page.  Be sure to view at least one of the videos.  They may be corny, but they are informative. 

NoodleTools - Cite Your Sources More Easily

NoodleTools is an online tool used to create citations for your paper and your References/Works Cited page.  

**You need to access NoodleTools through the library's web page to be recognized as a Kirtland student.**  

  1. The first step is to create your NoodleTools account. See the "Creating a NoodleTools ID" page on the guide linked below.
  2. Once you have logged in, you need to create a new project.  See the "Starting a Project" page on the guide linked below.  You can then begin recording your sources.
  3. If required, or for your own notes, you can record annotations for each cited work in the space provided at the bottom of the citation page. 
  4. When you have finished recording all of your sources for a project and are on the project's bibliography page, choose Print/Export to Word from the Print/Export drop down menu located toward the top left of the screen.  Doing this will display your References page (APA) or Works Cited page (MLA) in Microsoft Word.
  5. You can then copy and paste it into your paper.  By copying and pasting, you keep the heading and numbering of your paper intact.

Tutoring & The Writing Center

Tutoring and The Writing Center are both located in the library.  Learn about the services they provide and how to contact them on the page linked below.

Library FAQs - Get to Know the Kirtland Library

Q: What do you need to check out a book?

Q: How can you check out a book if you don't come to the Roscommon campus?

Q: Does the library have a computer I can use?

The answers to these and other frequently asked questions can be found on the FAQ guide.

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