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Book Display Table Titles Archives: September 15, 2014

Term Paper Topics

If you have a paper to write or a speech to give and you don't know where to start, browse these table titles for some ideas.  For a list of even more topic ideas take a look at the library's Term Paper or Speech Topics page.


  • Is laughter really the best medicine - or a medicine at all?
  • How has comedy changed to reflect society’s attitudes toward alcohol/abuse/sex?
  • How does a person's sense of humor develop?
  • Does comedy impact politics?  If so, should we be concerned about this?


Health Care

  • Can government policy control health care costs?  Should it?
  • How does health care reform impact small business?
  • Is it possible for health care to be equitable in capitalist society?  In any society?
  • Should insurance companies be allowed to influence treatments, since they pay for them? 



  • Are prisons an effective means of preventing crime?
  • What are some alternatives to prisons? How effective are they?
  • Considering prison overcrowding, should we continue to have minimum sentencing guidelines? Why? Why not?




  • How do Mozart’s compositions impact today’s musicians?
  • In what ways was Mozart a product of his times?
  • In his operas how do Mozart’s depictions of women and marriage reflect his personal life?


And for help with the writing...