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Tutoring Using Zoom: Home

This guide has information regarding logging into the Writing Center Zoom account.


Welcome to Zoom!

Zoom is an online meeting room in which we do our online tutoring.

Loggin in to Zoom

Click on the login link in the corner of the page.

Zoom Log In and Password

Sign in page of Zoom meeting rooms

Using Zoom

Using Zoom is easy and nearly self explanatory. There is an orientation for Zoom in the Virtual Writing Center located in Canvas. It is in the Tutor Module. You simply need to talk to Deb or Heidi to be entered as an instructor into our VWC to see it and learn what the log in and passwords are. Already have those, look below for a refresher for logging into Zoom.

Schedule a Meeting

Contact Us

Here's How:

Hours:  8 am - 4:30 pm Monday-Friday - Grayling

Phone: 989-275-5000 x 246

Email:  Please allow 24-48 hours for response

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