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Citation Boot Camp: Defining Plagiarism

This is a short course with 2 modules. It is intended to introduce students to the basics of citation, defining it and giving students a list of defined terms. It may be embedded in a course or a student may be referred through a Writing Referral.

Plagiarism Is...



Plagiarism is using someone else's work or ideas and claiming them as your own. This can be done accidentally as well as intentionally. This means that copying and pasting from the internet without citing your source is plagiarism. Using someone else's picture without citing is plagiarism. Plagiarism can cause you to fail a paper, fail a course, be expelled from school. Plagiarism has caused people to lose their jobs and their credibility. Basically, plagiarism is stealing. You are stealing someone's words, work, ideas, images when you do not give them credit.

Here is an article about a reporter from the Daily Beast resigning in January of 2018.

This is an article about a CNN Editor in London being fired for plagiarism in May of 2014.

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