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Nursing: Math for Meds: More Math for Meds Information

This is a guide to help prepare for Kirtland's drug calculation test.

Books at the Kirtland Library

Subject Headings

You can find helpful books at the Kirtland Library. You might also check your local public library.

Try the following subject headings to find additional books on formulas and drug calculations:


  • Dosage forms - Handbooks
  • Mathematics -- Nurses' Instruction
  • Nursing mathematics
  • Pharmaceutical arithmetic

Drug Calculations Video

A short YouTube video from Medical Math Boot Camp covering drug calculations - 


What Our Math for Meds Tutors Recommend...

Take a look at the following links. They include practice tests with explanations and answers.

Conversions Review Video

Medication math and conversions review -

Calculating IV Infusion Rate Video

Understand IV infusion rates -