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Writing & Citing Help: For Instructors

Your writing resource center with help from brainstorming to polishing your papers.



This page holds additional references for instructors. If you have any suggestions of what else needs to be included here regarding the Writing Center and what we can do to better serve our instructors and students, please contact Jon Thompson at the

Writing Referral v. Academic Misconduct Referral

The Plagiarism Traffic School is available to aid our students. The Instructor will have to submit an Academic Misconduct Referral. Once a student is referred, the Vice President of Instructional Services will decide if the Plagiarism Traffic School is the correct path. The instructor may also submit a Writing Referral, which will send students to the Citation Boot Camp. The Citation Boot Camp may also be embedded in your course. See below for an explanation of each, look in the box labeled Academic Misconduct v. Writing Referral, or click here to see a video regarding the difference (this will open in a new window):

Academic Misconduct Referral:

  • Student has written and submitted a paper with egregious errors in citing resulting in Plagiarism and failed the paper as a result.
  • Student has written and submitted a paper with cut and paste copying and not cited his/her source(s).
  • Student has written and submitted a paper without citing sources.
  • The end result is that the student has failed the paper for Plagiarism.
  • This referral is recorded and tracked in Maxient (behavior management software).

Writing Referral:

  • You notice on a draft or as a result of questions that student does not have the necessary skills to properly document/cite a future paper.
  • Student has submitted a draft that has glaring errors in citing.
  • Student has shared with you concerns that s/he does not have the skills for writing a research paper.
  • Student comes to you with questions about what citing is.
  • Student appears ill-prepared to write a properly formatted and cited paper.
  • This referral is not recorded in Maxient (behavior management software).

Please remember that the Plagiarism Traffic School focuses on the basic skills of formatting and citing. It is not meant to be a punitive process. Our purpose is to help students make ethical writing choices so that they are submitting properly formatted and cited papers. The Citation Boot Camp (CBC) is a very short introduction to explain what citing, formatting and references are. It is 2 modules that your class may be added to or a student may be referred on an individual basis. If you have questions or concerns or would like a presentation regarding the Plagiarism Traffic School or Citation Boot Camp, please feel free to contact Jon: or

Helpful Links to Share with Students

Rasmussen College's 10 Netiquette Guidelines Online Students Need to Know is a good article worth sharing with your students:

Student's struggling with discussion forums? Share this LibGuide link with them:

Academic Misconduct v. Writing Referral (4:30)