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PSY 240 - Lifespan Developmental Psych: Heather Merchant: Find Videos


Note: You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access this library resource.

Films on Demand

Watch segments or entire titles. 

Sample Titles

Titles available through Films on Demand include:

  • Divide of the Sexes: Gender Roles in Childhood (2008)
  • Growing Up Online (2008)
  • High School Athletics Predicts Health in Later Years (2014)
  • Growing Old (2006)
  • A Place for All:  Faith and Community for Persons with Disabilities (2009)
  • Teenage (2013)
  • There's No Place Like Home: The Return to Homeschooling (2000)
  • Troubled Teens: Why Some Go Bad and Others Come Right - Predict My Future: Then Dunedin Longitudinal Study (2015)
  • Why We Drop Out: A Video Bridge Dialogue between Youth, Teachers, and Administrators (2015)

Tips for using Films on Demand

  • Search - When you search for a term you will see results for full videos, segments, and series.  Using options on the right you can narrow your results by date, type of film, or subject. 
  • Browse - You can browse subject titles by choosing the Subject Index  from the menu at the upper left of the page.  You can then choose a broad category or limit your results to a subcategory. 
  • Transcripts - Many titles provide transcripts (look at the tabs in the box to the right) which can be helpful when citing. Some also allow searching within a transcript to more easily find relevant information, however you need to scroll through the transcript to look for highlighted terms.  It does not automatically skip to them.

*You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access the Library's databases.