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ART 100 - Art History I: Find Articles

Resources for Art Appreciation assignments

What Are Articles & Where Do I Find Them?

Publications containing articles are referred to as periodicals and come in many forms:

  • scholarly journals
  • trade journals 
  • popular magazines
  • newspapers

Find out more about the different types of periodicals by looking at the Magazine vs. Journals chart from the Austin Community College Library Services department.

Articles provide current information including news, opinions, and research. As a college student, you will not be using magazines like People, Ladies Home Journal, Sports Illustrated, or Vogue. Your instructors expect you to find articles in scholarly journals for your research. 

The best place to find articles is to search the Library's databases. While they contain magazines, journals, and newspapers, some databases may also contain reference books, video files, audio files, and podcasts. The Database Searching guide can help you better understand databases and database searching.

What database will help you find the best articles for this project? Browse Databases by Subject or look at an A-Z list of all databases available through Kirtland's Library.

Searching the Databases off-campus? Use your Single Sign-On username and password to access.

Art Databases

Kirtland librarians recommend starting your search with the Arts, Music, & Theater databases.

A Tutorial on How to Use Databases


  • provide 24/7 access to academic journals, magazines, newspapers, books, video clips, and audio clips.
  • give you access to things you may not find with a Google search
  • make it easier for you to find better information while spending less time searching
  • can be limited to show you results that are peer-reviewed or the most recent content

Suggested Search Terms

Try these subjects/terms when searching the Kirtland Catalog, databases, or eBook collections to find information on your topic:

Acrylic Art Deco Baroque


Cezanne Cubism Durer Dali
Impressionism Klimt Leonardo da Vinci


O'Keeffe Pastel Renaissance Rodin
Raphael Rococo Surrealism


Stein Turner Toulouse-Lautrec Trompe-l'oeil
Vorticism Vasari Valenciennes


Warhol Woodcut Water-Colour Rembrandt
Rubens Monet Picasso Jackson Pollock
Goya Bob Ross Abstract Expressionism Stan Lee