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FAQ - Answers: Help with Research

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Help with Research

Help with Research

The Kirtland Library offers help with research. You are welcome to contact the Library and meet with our Reference Librarian for help with database searching and search terms. You can also use our Library Guides:

  • Citing and Writing Help offers links and videos to help with APA and MLA formats. It also has help with citing by using our free to Kirtland students NoodleTools. There is also information regarding making ethical writing choices to avoid plagiarism.
  • College Research Made Easy is a guide that helps you in the research process. While it is no substitute for working with a Librarian, it is a definite aid to those who cannot make it to campus or those struggling in the middle of the night and do not know where to turn.
  • Research Help is found on the Library's website and has step-by-step written instructions and pamphlets to aid your research journey.