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FAQ - Answers: Access Library Resources Off-Campus

Guide that answers FAQ questions

Access Library Resourcs Off-Campus

Access Library Resources Off-Campus

You are able to access most library resources from the Library homepage

  • Online/Off-Campus - Students may have books from the Library mailed to them. Mail is reliable, but it takes time, so you will need to factor time into your plans. You will need to have a Library card application on file. Please contact the Kirtland Library for further information. You may return your items through the US mail (you pay return shipping) or drop them off at M-TEC in Gaylord, where you may also pick them up.
  • ASAP - If you need your materials as soon as possible, it is best to contact the Library to make sure of availability, ask to put them on hold and drive to Kirtland Grayling to check them out with your Kirtland ID/Library Card.