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MUS 101 - Music History & Appreciation: Articles & Websites

MUS 101

Where Do I find Articles?

The best place to find articles is to search the Library's databases. They contain magazines, journals, newspapers, reference books, video files, audio files, and podcasts.  The Database Searching guide can help you search more quickly and effectively.

What databases will be the best for this course? 

Kirtland librarians recommend the following:

Gale General One File icon and link

General OneFile allows you to download, email, save, or print your results. You can also choose to have the text read aloud.

You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access the Library's databases.

Related Web Resources

Quick Tips & Shortcuts for Database Searching (5:19)

This video, from the Memoirs of a Modern Librarian,  provides 7 search tips that apply to most databases.

Quick Tips & Shortcuts for Database Searching. By Vanessa Garofalo. YouTube. YouTube, 6 Feb. 2013. Web. 14 Oct. 2014.