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POL 101 - Intro to American Government: Find Ebooks

Find Books & Ebooks

Suggested Search Terms

Try adding these subject headings to narrow your search:

  • United States - Politics and government
  • Government policy
  • Political science
  • Voting - United States
  • Constitutional law
  • Democracy
  • United States Congress
  • Political parties

You can also search for a particular issue or the "political aspects" of a particular issue.

Videos to Help You Search Ebook collections

Other Helpful Guides

Gale Ebooks

Gale Ebooks are available to read on your computer, download, or print.  The titles provide basic information on many topics.  Listen as it reads.  Titles related to your project include:

These titles will be directly linked to the Gale Ebooks.

  • UXL Civics
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law
  • American Eras:  Primary Sources
  • American Inaugurals: The Speeches, The Presidents, and Their Times



Ebook Central Titles

These titles will be directly linked to Ebook Central.

  • Democracy and Political Ignorance : Why Smaller Government Is Smarter, 2013
  • Dictionary of American Government and Politics, 2010
  • Law and Society : Congress, the Constitution, and Divided Government, 2013
  • More than Mayor or Manager : Campaigns to Change Form of Government in America's Large Cities, 2010 
  • Official Leadership in the City : Patterns of Conflict and Cooperation, 1990  
  • The Public Square : The Case for Big Government, 2010


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