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PowerPoint & Academic Poster Presentations

Getting Started with an Academic Poster

Creating an Academic Poster: Tips and Tricks

  • This guide created by Thompson Rivers University includes everything you need to get started on creating  a poster, including what to include, templates, and and how to cite your sources correctly. It has great visual examples so you can see and understand the elements that are used to create a quality poster.

Poster Samples

  • Take a look at the poster examples here, which also includes the strengths about each sample shown.

Poster Design + Graphics

You can find free templates online to help you get started with your poster.

Browse 10+ templates available for different sizes of printing or display.

This resources has a few simple templates and tips for your poster.

Templates available for download in a variety of sizes.

This guide from Ohio Wesleyan University provides information about how to find images and use them in your project, and how to cite them properly.

General tips for including photos and images in your project:

  • Make sure that any images are large enough for your audience to see, including any text on graphic organizers or charts.
  • Use a solid color and neutral background behind your image.
  • Use photos and images that are high-quality and do not appear blurry or pixelated when used on a large scale.

Remember that photos and images should add value to your project, and not be a distraction from your message or a replacement for quality text.

Canva is a online platform that allows you to create graphics for print or digital use, marketing materials, documents, infographics, and more. Canva offers a free membership that includes many templates and design options. Create an account and save your work to edit from any browser.

Piktochart is an online tool that can help you create infographics and other diagrams to use in a PowerPoint, on a poster, or in print. helps you create concept maps and mind maps that you can add to your presentation or poster.