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ENG 214 - Intro to Literature: Find Ebooks

Resources to assist with term essay and presentation

What are Ebooks?

What are eBooks?

Ebooks are digital versions of books that can be accessed and read online, or downloaded for offline viewing.

The Kirtland Library ebook collection offers a wide variety of resources that you can access online, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits to using ebooks:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Easily search the contents of the ebook to find specific search terms or subjects
  • Use filters to narrow your results and find the best source

The Kirtland Library has three main platforms for accessing ebooks:

  • Ebook Central
  • Gale Ebooks
  • EBSCO Ebooks

Each platform has different options, which is why they may look different from one another.

Gale Ebooks

Begin by using your single sign-on to access Gale Ebooks.

Search the Entire Ebook Collections (All Subjects)

Enter your topic, or use the "Suggested Search Terms" found on this page, in the "Basic Search" box at the top of the screen.

Search by Subject Collections

You can also search Gale Ebooks by Subject Collection. Select eBooks related to your topic by clicking on the subject under the "Browse Collections" heading located on the left side of the screen.

Enter your topic, or use the "Suggested Search Terms" found on this page, in the "Search within Collection" box in the upper left corner of the screen. This brief video will show you how to browse the subject collections: Gale Ebooks - Browsing Titles (1:11)

Narrow Your Results

Limit your results by using the filters (on the right side of the screen) like Subjects, Document Type, or Search Within. This brief video will show you how to narrow your search: Gale Ebooks - Searching for Information (1:15)

Special Features of Gale Ebooks

  • Print, email, or download pages, sections, or chapters.
  • Save relevant articles/documents to OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • Read results online or on your device (computer, tablet, or phone).

Find more information about searching Gale Ebooks, use the Database Searching guide.

Suggested Search Terms

Try adding these subject headings to narrow your search.

Literature Fiction Poetry Drama Genres
Character Narration Plot Literary Symbolism Theme
Setting Sonnets Stanzas Haiku Geoffrey Chaucer
William Shakespeare Charles Dickens Walt Whitman Jack London Ernest Hemingway
Ray Bradbury Tim O'Brien Mary Shelley Bronte Sisters Emily Dickinson
Harper Lee Maya Angelou Toni Morrison Margaret Atwood Jane Austen


Other Helpful Guides

Ebook Central eBooks

Begin by using your single sign-on to access Ebook Central.

Basic Search

Start by entering your search term(s) in the "Basic Search" search box at the top of the page. Or, use the "Suggested Search Terms" found on this page.

The keyword is highlighted in the search results, and there's a short description to give you a bit more information about the book including whether it is currently "available" or "in use." 

Click on a title to begin reading online or to see the Table of Contents and more information.

Chapter Results provide the top chapters from the most relevant books. This video clip will show you how to do a basic search on Ebook Central.

Narrow Your Results

Limit your results by using the filters (on the left side of the screen) like Subject, Language, Year Published, and more. View this video clip to learn how to narrow your search.

Special Features of Ebook Central

  • Read online.
  • Print, share, or copy chapters or the full text.
  • View the frequency and location of your search term(s) next to each chapter.
  • Search within the book.

Find more information about searching Ebook Central, use the Database Searching guide or the Ebook Central guide.

A Sample of Ebook Central Titles

The following are just a few of the Ebook Central titles available:

These titles will open in the Ebook Central collection.

A Sample of Salem Press Ebooks

John Steinbeck
Margaret Atwood
Louise Erdrich
Critical Insights - Invisible Man
William Faulkner
The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
Charles Dickens
Heroes and Heroines
Cyclopedia of Literary Characters
Emily Dickinson
The Hero's Quest
Jane Austen
Mark Twain
The Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe
World Mythology
Critical Insights - War