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CQ Researcher

How to Search and Cite CQ Researcher

What is CQ Researcher?

“Are you writing a paper?  Need backup for a debate?  Want to become an expert on an issue?”

CQ Researcher provides “in depth reports on issues in the news” that may be of help. 

  • CQ Researcher is a magazine that can be accessed through the CQ Researcher database.
  • Except for a few times during the year, CQ Researcher is published weekly. 
  • CQ Researcher reports provide source information but are written by journalists and are not peer reviewed.
  • The At Issue sections provide pro/con arguments and are contributed by other writers.

Where Can I Find CQ Researcher?

Use the above link to access CQ Researcher.  You can also access it through the library's databases page.  It's free to use with your single sign on.