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Welcome to Newspaper Resources

Newspapers are and were a way to share information. Today they can be found online, but they originated as print material. Before radio, television and the internet, newspapers were the fastest way to inform the public. In the past, larger cities had morning and evening editions of the paper. The Library of Congress has newspapers dating as far back as 1789. This page is to introduce you to some quality newspaper sources.

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Local Newspaper Links

These are some of the papers the Kirtland Library currently subscribes to in print.  They can be found in the Library's periodical section at the end of the journal and magazine section.  Newspapers are kept for three months. The list below has links that will open in a new window.

Links to Other Newspaper Collections




Web sites reviewed by Choice and/or the Kirtland Librarians.

Databases for Newspapers

The Library's Newspapers databases allow you to read newspaper articles from around the state, nation, and world.  Unlike the open web, full text articles can be found without subscribing or paying additional fees.  Search for articles about a certain topic, or view the articles from a Gale Database that will take you to specific topic such as (link will open in a new window):

*These and many other papers are available with your single sign-on access to the Library's A-Z databases.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is available to Kirtland students through the ProQuest database. Your single sign-on will allow you to access it.

  • Click on the ProQuest link above.
  • Click on the word "Publications" toward the top, left side of the page.
  • Do a search for Wall Street Journal, in title.  This will bring you to Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y. (this may not be at the top of the search, but it will be in top 1-3 titles).
  • Click on the link so that you see only the Eastern edition.
  • From that page you can find articles in a several different ways:
    • To see the most recent edition, click on the date of the latest available issue. 
    • To view a particular issue, scroll to the bottom and choose the year, then month, then date.
      • from this point you can search within an issue by using the search bar at the bottom of the page.  Searching for a section heading, such as "Business News" (use the quotation marks) will find articles from that section of the paper.
    • To find articles about a particular topic from any of the available issues, enter a search term in the search box that is in the middle of the page below "Search within this publication".  
    • To search for particular terms within a time frame, click on Advanced Search.

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