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NoodleTools and How It Works: Overview

This guide will help you create your Kirtland NoodleTools ID and understand some of the NoodleTools features.

What is NoodleTools?

NoodleTools is a citation tool that helps you keep your sources for your papers in alphabetical order and puts them in the correct format. It is what the Library and Tutoring strongly recommend you use for your papers.

How Do I Access NoodleTools?

To access NoodleTools:

  1. Go to the Library's homepage at
  2. Find the NoodleTools link in the middle of the page. Click it on.
  3. Note: Clicking on this link will open in a new window.
  4. Since NoodleTools is web-based, you can access it anytime and anywhere if you have a computer and internet access.
  5. On-campus simply requires you to click on the link.
  6. Off-campus simply requires your single-sign on to access through the Kirtland Library for free.
  7. Access NoodleTools through the library's homepage be authenticated as a Kirtland student.

The box below shows you how to sign in.  If you have not previously used NoodleTools, the next page of this guide shows you how to register for your account.

Images and text adapted with permission from NoodleTools Help Desk.

NoodleTools Log-In Screen


If you have never used NoodleTools through the Kirtland Library, you will first need to create a NoodleTools ID.  You will click on the "register" option, which is at the bottom of the screen shown below. See the next page of this guide for directions on completing your registration/creating your NoodleTools ID.

If you already have an account, the image below shows you how to log-in on the updated NoodleTools' page.


Sign in on the left side of the screen.  If you already have a NoodleTools account, enter your personal ID and password and click the sign in button or hit enter on your keyboard.  If you are using your own computer, you can save the log in information.  Using your single sign-on will help you remember your ID and password when you are not on your own computer.  Below the sign in section there should be a message that you have been automatically authenticated into the Kirtland Community College subscription.  You do not need to pay to use NoodleTools.  Use the link through the library homepage.  Do not go to   If you are a first time user you must create your ID. Click the Register button at the bottom of the page. When you create your account Kirtland Librarians recommend your single sign-on as your ID.

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