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Health Sciences Writing Help: APA Information

Come here to get help with APA formatting, making ethical writing choices (avoiding plagiarism), additional research help and NoodleTools.

Where Do I Get Help with APA Formatting

Kirtland offers help with APA in a variety of places. Below  you will find links to all of these sources, including a link to a template that you simply open in Word and put in your changes and save to your computer. We are here to help you Be the Future.

References Page

A Reference page is the page on which you will list all the sources to which you referred in your paper. So, if you paraphrased (this needs and In-text reference) or quoted directly (this needs an In-text reference), the sources you used must be found on your Reference page. There are rules for putting this page together. However, the groovy thing is that Kirtland has a wonderful resource called NoodleTools that will help you create your Reference page as you write your paper.