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Come here to get help with APA formatting, making ethical writing choices (avoiding plagiarism), additional research help and NoodleTools.

Defining APA Formatting

APA stands for the American Psychological Association. What they have done is come up with rules for how a paper should look and sound. There are multiple formatting styles for papers. However, because you are in the Health field, you will be using APA formatting.


Ethical Writing Choices - Avoiding Plagiarism

Don't know what plagiarism is? Unsure of how to make ethical writing choices? Follow this link for more information.

Professional Writing

Presenting yourself as a professional in the work place is essential. While this refers to how you dress, speak and address the doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and patients, this also applies to your writing skills. Professional and accurate writing skills are essential. Your writing skills not only reflect you, but they are also a reflection of the office in which you work and the people with whom you work. It is vital to have and develop high quality writing skills in order to obtain and maintain a career in your profession.


Wikipedia is not considered a college level source. It may be used as a resource for finding additional sources from which to gather information. Wikipedia itself is not to be used as a source on any college level paper.

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**** Please remember that the Writing Center is a tutoring service. It would be unethical for us to edit or proofread papers. We are here to assist you with your writing questions and concerns.