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PSY 260 - Human Sexuality: Heather Merchant: Articles and Video

A collection of resources for your PSY 260 Gender Identity Research Paper


Note: You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access some library resources.

Database Searching

The best place to find articles is to search the Library's databases. They contain magazines, journals, newspapers, reference books, video files, audio files, and podcasts.  The Database Searching guide can help you better understand databases and database searching.

What databases will be the best for this project? 

You can search any of the Databases for Social Sciences.

Kirtland librarians recommend the following:

   Search for gender identity


An InfoTrac Power Search will search several databases at once.  You can search all or choose the databases that best suit your assignment. 





Proquest logo linkPsychology Journals


You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access the Library's databases.

Suggested Websites

Films on Demand - Psychology

Search for more titles on your subject.  Watch segments or entire documentaries. 

Suggested Subject Headings for Books and Articles

Try  these subject headings in your search:

Gender identity



Gender identity disorders

Sexual roles

Transgender people


Sex differences (Psychology)


Sex change

Social norms

Gender studies

Identification (Psychology)


Sexual identity

Sexual orientation