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PSY 260 - Human Sexuality: Heather Merchant: Books and E-books

A collection of resources for your PSY 260 Gender Identity Research Paper

Topic Titles

     A subject search for "gender identity" shows Ebook Central's collection includes, among other titles:

  • After Queer Theory : The Limits of Sexual Politics
  • Beyond Sex and Gender   
  • Elementary School : (Hyper)Masculinity in a Feminized Context
  • Gendered Transformations : Theory and Practices on Gender and Media
  • Identity, Gender and Sexuality : 150 Years after Freud  
  • Issues in Society, Volume 378 : Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity  
  • Stranger in My Own Body : Atypical Gender Identity Development and Mental Health  

Titles include:

  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology
  • Bioethics 2014
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
  • The Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion

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Suggested Subject Headings for Books and Articles

Try  these subject headings in your search:

Gender identity



Gender identity disorders

Sexual roles

Transgender people


Sex differences (Psychology)


Sex change

Social norms

Gender studies

Identification (Psychology)


Sexual identity

Sexual orientation

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