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CJS-110 Careers in Emergency Services Class: School Policing

A variety of different first responders.

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Officer GutierrezKirtland Safety 4


KCC Public Safety #sOfficer Gutierrez w/SUV


Houghton Lake Officer 1H L MS

Free Career Preparation Exam - Policing Officer - Learning Express Library

Welcome to Learning Express Library

Directions on how to get a free Preparation Exam for your program are below. Using Kirkland Library’s Homepage. 

Use your KCC Single Sign On Login

  1. Click on:  Kirtland Library Homepage
  2. Clink on: Electronic Resources and Databases
  3. Click on:  Reference & Encyclopedias
  4. Click on:  LearningExpress Library
  5. Click on:  Career Preparation
  6. Click on: Prepare for an Occupation Exam
  7. Click on: Example: Police Officer Exam
  8.  Students will need to register to begin:::: Use Your --- Kirtland email then create a password