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PSY 202 - Abnormal Psychology: Articles

Resources to assist your paper and research needs.


Note: You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access some library resources.

Where Do I find Articles?

The best place to find articles is to search the library's databases. They contain magazines, journals, newspapers, reference books, video files, audio files, and podcasts

What databases will be the best for this project? 

You can search any of the Databases for Social Sciences.

Kirtland librarians recommend the following:

Browse the issues in Opposing Viewpoints for school violence, guns and violence, school safety, and gun control.


An InfoTrac Power Search will search many databases at once. 


Suggested Subject Headings for Books and Articles

Try  these subject headings in your search:


School shootings

School violence

Violence in the workplace

Gun control

Firearms and crime

Violent crimes

Youth and violence

Mass murders

You can also search for individuals or particular incidents, such as Columbine High School Massacre, Littleton, Colo., 1999.