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Kirtland's Warbler: Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Archive

This LibGuide shows readers how to find information about the Kirtland's warbler.

Welcome to the Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Archive

This archive was compiled through the Kirtland's Warbler Legacy Project, which collected decades of personal and public information from a variety of agencies and individuals involved in the recovery process of the endangered bird.

Some of the information dates as far back as 1904 and includes articles, books, meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, interviews, photos, scripts, dissertations, scientific papers and maps.

The archive, located in the
Kirtland Community College Library, is available to the public.

Kirtland Community College

Kirtland Community College is a community college located in Roscommon County in Michigan. Its central campus is located at 10775 North St. Helen Road, Roscommon, Michigan -- approximately eight miles north of St. Helen and close to the geographic center of the college’s district. It is accessible by F-97 from the north and south and by M-18 to County Road 603 from the west. The location is very rural and is approximately 170 miles north of Detroit, Michigan.

The Archive

The Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Archive is housed in the Kirtland Community College Library.

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