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Writing & Citing Help: The Plagiarism Traffic School

Your writing resource center with help from brainstorming to polishing your papers.

Plagiarism Traffic School Defined


The Plagiarism Traffic School is a short course (7 Modules, which should take 5-10 days to complete) in Canvas designed to help students understand how to paraphrase and quote so that they can avoid making mistakes that would cause them to fail a paper due to plagiarism. Instructors submit an Academic Misconduct Referral to Maxient. The Vice President of Instruction will then determine if the student should be put in the Plagiarism Traffic School. An instructor may suggest/request the Plagiarism Traffic School.

The Plagiarism Traffic School is put in place to help students who have committed plagiarism to learn how to make ethical writing decisions so that they can avoid making the same mistake in the future. It is better than failing a class because of plagiarism, which has happened.  It is also better than being expelled from the school, which has happened. The school has 7 modules. 6 of the modules have quizzes, and there are 5 assignments. It really should only take a student a couple of days to complete the course. Students cannot pass each assignment until it is perfect, so attention to the small details in formatting and citing is very important. It is imperative that students go through each lesson that has been created. Students need to advocate for themselves and ask questions if they don't understand something as our writing tutors are here to help.

Our goal is to help Kirtland students make ethical and logical choices when citing sources. You cite sources to prove that you know what you are talking about, to use respected experts to support your position, to give credit and recognition to those who have done the research and data gathering, to create space or room for your argument and/or research and open pathways to new or expanded ideas, and because you are using someone else's words, ideas, work.



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