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Discussion Board Tips


Discussion forums often take the place of in class discussions. This means that rather than talking face to face in a circle or small groups, you are having the same discussion online. By posting, you're adding to the conversation.

  • Read the instructions and discussion question carefully to make sure you understand the expectations for your post and/or response.
  • If you're being asked to respond to an article, video, textbook chapter, or other source, review that content and any notes.
  • Include and connect concepts, ideas, and information from your course content and readings. 
  • Support what you have to say with quotes and paraphrasing from your source, and be sure to cite this source. 
  • If the discussion question asks, include your own personal reflection or opinion, making sure to stay on topic.
  • Whether you agree or disagree with a classmate, add supporting evidence in your response. Simply stating "I agree" does not show your understanding, and can make it difficult for others to respond to your statement.
  • Ask questions to clarify or extend the conversation. 

  • Before posting, proofread your work for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations.

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