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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Chat GPT

FAQs about AI

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines - which, in turn, are known as AIs. The history of AI dates back to the 18th century and modern AI was recognized in the 1950s when the first modern computers were built.

(from Simply Artificial Intelligence, c2023).

Where does the information I find in AI come from?

AI gathers its information from a wide variety of sources including books, websites, newspapers & magazines, and more.

There are now questions about copyright infringement related to AI and Chat GPT. Click here to read a recent article about intellectual property, data mining, copyright and the use of information from a leading newspaper by Chat GPT.

What are the limitations of AI?

Since the origin of information in AI is often unknown, there is a risk of AI-generated information to be:

  • false, misleading, and or biased
  • outdated
  • infringing on the intellectual property of copyrighted materials