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Faculty Support: Welcome!

A guide for current and new faculty.

Welcome to Kirtland Library & Tutoring

KCC LIB shelves

“When in doubt, go to the library.”  

Ron Weasley from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

picture of Deb Shumaker, Director of Library and Tutoring.Welcome to Kirtland's Learning Commons located in the Michigan Forest Products wing of the Grayling campus. Here you will find the Library, the Tutoring Center, and the Math Drop-In Lab. Our commitment to student development, enrichment, and learning is centered here as the staff provides support to students, faculty, and staff. 

Find information about the different services provided and links to resources available to you and your students in the About the Library and About Tutoring pages. You will also find other information to assist you with instruction.

Don't hesitate to stop in and meet us or call or email us with questions.

Contact Us

Here's How:

Hours:  8 am - 4:30 pm Monday-Friday - Grayling

Phone: 989-275-5000 x 246

Email:  Please allow 24-48 hours for response

Online/Off Campus Access: Check out our FAQ page