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Grant Resources: College Student Scholarship, Career and Volunteer Opportunities

This will help Non-Profit and Individuals begin their funding search.


Foundation Center - Knowledge to build on.

A group of sites aimed at volunteer/service opportunities and non-profit career options and course suggestions. Some funding options may also be found.

Note that all links open in new windows.

College Scholarships - This site is through the Federal Government and helps students search for funding options. May not be as user friendly as some guides, but the opportunities are listed. Direct link to FAFSA is found here.

Scholarships for College and Graduate School - This site is through College HQ. A website that has lots of great information about the various ways to pay for college.

Volunteer, Internships, Career Opportunities

Degrees for the Greater Good - This expands on the idea of pursuing an inspiring career by providing advice on how students can use their college degree to start a career in the nonprofit sector. It Includes information on what it’s like to work for a nonprofit, describes the benefits of becoming a skills-based volunteer, and includes additional resources for students to explore.

Guide on Volunteering and Interning Abroad - Students can begin fulfilling their dreams while in school by volunteering and interning abroad. It describes the value of these types of experiences to students, includes helpful tips to find trustworthy organizations and funding opportunities, and was created with the support of Liz Hesterberg, who traveled to Kenya multiple times as a student and now works with Cross-Cultural Solutions as a Program Advisor and Gap Year Specialist.

Volunteering and Psychological Health - This links you to an article about the psychological benefits to volunteerism at Purdue University. It describes the mental and physical benefits of volunteering.