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Grant Resources: Helpful Regional Data

This will help Non-Profit and Individuals begin their funding search.

The Census Bureau

Foundation Center - Knowledge to build on.

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U.S. Census Data - This is where you will find U.S. Census Data for research and data comparison purposes.

My Congressional District - Search for Census Data by your district.

Census Interactive Maps - "Work with interactive mapping tools from across the Census Bureau."

Regional Information

Foundation Center - Knowledge to build on.

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Michigan Association of Regions - The Michigan Association of Regions (MAR) is committed to the advancement and advocacy of Michigan’s planning regions as a means to support sustainable, collaborative communities and a strong state.

Michigan County Health Map - "Find out how healthy your county is and explore factors that drive your health."

Northeast Michigan Council of Governments - "The Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) was established in 1968 as a multi-county organization to pool resources for the assistance of local governments in the region. NEMCOG is governed by a policy board that includes elected officials, business leaders and citizen representatives from throughout the eight-county region.  Services are supported by local government appropriations, special services contracts and state and federal grants." Our regions encompass areas 2,3,& 5.

Networks Northwest is formerly Northwest Michigan Council of Governments - "Networks Northwest delivers programs and services for the 10 counties of Northwest Michigan. Our primary service categories are: workforce development; business & economic development; and community development. Networks Northwest is the convening agency for the Regional Prosperity Initiative in these ten counties."

Michigan Centered Resources

Foundation Center - Knowledge to build on.

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Council of Michigan Foundations - "We are a thriving community committed to increasing the impact of Michigan philanthropy."

Michigan Nonprofit Association - "Michigan Nonprofit Association is a statewide membership organization dedicated to serving the diverse nonprofit sector through: Advocacy, Training, Technology Services & Civil Engagement. MNA manages multiple programs and affiliates and is a sponsoring organization for AmeriCorps Vista."

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation - "The Mott Foundation supports efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society. In each of our program areas — Civil Society, Education, Environment and Flint Area — we aim to inspire and empower individuals to work with their communities in ways that will help them achieve more than they could ever accomplish alone."

Michigan Humanities Council - "The Michigan Humanities Council connects people and communities by fostering and creating quality cultural programs. In carrying out its mission, the Council encourages and supports, through advocacy, fundraising and community engagement, a variety of activities which bring humanities scholars and the public together to examine culture."

Michigan League for Public Policy - "The Michigan League for Public Policy is a nonpartisan policy institute dedicated to economic opportunity for all. It is the only state-level organization that addresses poverty in a comprehensive way. No other organization examines state revenues and expenditures and their impact on low-income people. All of the League’s work is done through a race equity lens."

Rural Health Information Hub for Michigan - "RHIhub’s State Guides include selected information pulled from the Online Library section of this website, as well as links to useful publications and websites. The guides focus on the most current and relevant information for each state." This link focuses on Michigan.

Michigan Center for Rural Health - "The Michigan Center for Rural Health is the only state organization dedicated solely to improving the health of Michigan’s rural residents. The MCRH plays a key role in rural health care by assisting in the creation and implementation of partnerships among non-profit groups, health departments, hospitals, government and academia to create new opportunities in quality of care, recruitment and retention of health care providers, distance education and emergency medical services."

Michigan Census of Population and Housing 2010 - PDF of population in Urban and Rural setting report Issued 2012.

Michigan Economic Development Directory - This site is part of the U. S. Economic Development Association, whose mission is "To lead the federal economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness, preparing American regions for growth and success in the worldwide economy."