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Grant Resources: Grant Seeking Databases

This will help Non-Profit and Individuals begin their funding search.

Grant Seeking Databases

Foundation Center - Knowledge to build on.

The following databases must be, and can only be, searched from a Kirtland Library computer.

Note that all links open in new windows.

Foundation Directory Online Professional - This is a database that is updated weekly and has information about the Grantmakers. This database also has help for writing and research for grantseeking strategies. It has search tutorials, help with getting started on your searches and so much more.

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online - This is a database that helps individuals find grants for funding a variety of purposes such as scholarships, research, internships and other projects. It has free online training as well.

Foundation Maps - This is a tool that combines Google Maps and Foundation Center data for those interested in philanthropy and grants research.  It is an interactive, sophisticated mapping tool.

Council Of Michigan Foundations - "The Council of Michigan Foundations is a community of philanthropists committed to improving outcomes for Michigan, and beyond. Through investing in the state's charitable organizations, convening business, government and nonprofit leaders, collaborating on critical issues, seeking innovative solutions, sharing knowledge and advocating, we leverage our collective voice to increase the impact of Michigan philanthropy."

Grant Space - "A service of Foundation Center," this is a place to find training, tools, collaborations, subjects to search and more.

U.S. National Library of Medicine Grants & Funding Page - This is a page that provides information about funding and grants through the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

Foundation Center Home

Foundation Center - Knowledge to build on.

The Foundation Center's homepage has links to training videos, ask questions, more information about the Foundation Center and find funding. It has up-to-date articles featured on the homepage as well. Check out the links below:

Note that all links open in new windows.

Gain Knowledge - "Our expertise in philanthropy brings life to the data we gather and allows you to see the world more clearly and develop practical solutions that help you achieve your mission." In other words, this link from the Foundation Center's homepage will help you understand some of the data that they have collected. It gives you resources to understand the data and maybe even ideas of where to find information and the type of information you may need.

Find Funding - "Whatever your mission, discover the funders most likely to support you, learn about their interests and perspectives, and gain the knowledge you need to win funding from them." This should be pretty self explanatory. This link from the Foundation Center's homepage will help you find better, stronger and more thorough data about the folks who fund philanthropic endeavors, grants, scholarships and more.

Improve Your Skills - "At any stage of your career, you’ll be inspired by transformative training that builds your skill set, introduces you to cutting edge ideas and practitioners, and takes you to the next level." This is a great page that gives you links not only to training on how to apply for funding; it also gives you links to sustaining your organization and keeping it running smoothly. Remember, it is a great thing to find funding, but you also must be able to run the business side so that your non-profit can continue until the service is no longer needed.

Ask Us - "Foundation Center makes it easy for you to engage our team of experts who can answer any of your questions about foundations, philanthropy, fundraising and nonprofits." This is also what the team at Kirtland is here to do for you. 

Contact us at to set up a training session with our wonderful team.