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NoodleTools (citation tool) and How It Works: Creating a NoodleTools ID

This guide will help you create your Kirtland NoodleTools ID and understand some of the NoodleTools features.

Need an ID?

If you have never used NoodleTools before, you need to create a Personal ID and Password.

The Kirtland Library recommends your Personal ID should be your Single-Sign On ID (6-digit student ID) and Password. DO NOT choose any other Personal ID! 

New users will set up their Personal ID by clicking on the button that says Register on the log-in screen. The log-in screen is shown on the Overview page of this guide.

Follow the steps below to complete the registration process.

Already Have a NoodleTools ID?

If you are a seasoned NoodleTools user, simply enter your Personal ID and Password and click the Sign In button.

Do not create more than one NoodleTools account!

Note: If you forget your password, click on the  I forgot my password link found under the password box on the Register or Sign In page.