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Study Skills

Tips to be a more successful student


In this Guide, you will find several helpful hints and tips to become a more successful nursing student. However, none of these tips are intended to be a substitute for the hard work you're going to have to put in to pass the required courses. They are intended to be a supplement to what you are already doing. In addition to using the various links, make sure you are also doing the following:

1. Go to class - Don't miss a class unless absolutely necessary. Research indicates that attendance is statistically significant in explaining class grade and overall performance of students. 

2. Read the textbook - If a textbook is assigned that means the instructor finds the information enclosed important, read it.

3. Organize your notes and materials - the more organized you are the easier it will be to study.

4. Get phone numbers and email addresses from other students in class - these will be helpful in case you miss class or want someone to study with.

5. Trade notes with other students - chances are that another student will have written something in a different way than you did which will help you remember material better.

6. Plan out your time to study - Whether you're a morning, afternoon, or evening person, you know when you get the most out of your studying. There's no sense trying to study late at night if you retain the information better in the morning. Use those non-productive times to do house work, exercise, visit family, etc.

7. Study in chunks, take breaks and give yourself a chance to “digest” the information

8. Change the places that you study for better recall. The brain makes subtle associations between what it is studying and the background sensations it has at the time, regardless of whether those perceptions are conscious. 

9. Use different colored pens, pencils, and highlighters to help you remember different concepts and material. Even different colored paper can aid in memory

10. Peppermint can help with concentration and memory. Peppermint scent significantly increases oxygen saturation and blood pressure, which results in physiological arousal. Blood brings oxygen to your brain, so if peppermint increases the amount of oxygen in your blood and then increases your blood pressure, more oxygen travels to your brain. The more oxygen available to your brain, the better your concentration and focus

11. Use the free tutoring provided by KCC - Kirtland has tutors available for one-on-one or group sessions. Learn more about tutoring here.