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BIO 235 & 236 - Anatomy & Physiology I and II Study Tips

Learning Strategies: Flash Cards

Flash Cards

Writing information down (like taking notes) helps it to stick in your mind. Flash cards are very portable, and you can keep them with you and study them when you have free time.

Tips for making flash cards:

  • Don't include too much information on one card. Break up a concept into smaller parts on separate cards if needed.
  • Use mnenomic devices like acronyms or other visual cues when you can. 
  • Make your cards by hand, instead of typing or using a generator online. You will remember more if you write them yourself.
  • Add pictures or diagrams as needed to help you recall more complicated concepts.

Tips for using flash cards:

  • As you practice, create two piles. One stack includes the cards and terms you have mastered and know well. The second stack are terms you need to continue to review.
  • Practice your cards both directions. 
  • If you're an auditory learner, say your your answers out loud as you practice.