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BIO 235 & 236 - Anatomy & Physiology I and II Study Tips

Additional Tools

Additional Tools

Here are some helpful websites and online tools specifically for A&P students:


  • Kahn Academy's Human Anatomy & Physiology unit is free and a great place to begin. You can also scroll to find the specific topic you'd like to explore more.
  • Lion Den is a site created by an A&P professor, and includes many online tools for studying, test-taking, and learning A&P concepts.
  • Videos from Bozeman Science are created and by Paul Andersen, a science educator from Montana.
  • GetBodySmart provides animated and interactive diagrams of many body systems.
  • The Innerbody Anatomy Explorer includes 2D and 3D interactive diagrams for the 12 major anatomy systems with additional information about anatomical structures and functions of each system.
Sources for this guide:

A variety of sources were used to gather the information included in this guide. If you want to know more, check out the following websites related to how to study both the sciences and general education courses: