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SPE 114 - Interpersonal Communication: Find Books

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication is a course aimed at the study and application of interpersonal communication concepts with a focus on perception, verbal and nonverbal messages, listening, empathy, conflict management, and relationships.

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Attention Background Knowledge Background Noise Communication
Confrontations Conversation Disconnection Distraction
Emotional Management Hearing Impaired Intentions Interpersonal Relationships
Listening Misunderstanding Perceptions Range of Response
Recovering from Blunders Respect Social Media Technology


Kirtland Library Catalog

A Sample of What's On the Shelves of the Kirtland Library For Your Project

The Handy Communication Answer Book
Is That a Fish in Your Ear?
Reclaiming Conversation
Vernacular Eloquence
You're Not Listening
Failure to Communicate
Pitch Perfect
Written and Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal Relationships
Quiet Influence
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Call Numbers from the Kirtland Catalog

BF   319,  323

BF  575

HF  5718

HM  1106,  1121