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Nursing Resources

This guide provides valuable resources for future and current nursing students. Find formatting information as well as resources for the various courses taught at Kirtland. Helpful links are provided for additional study tools in each of the course tabs.


Use the tabs on the left to find books, ebooks, articles and more to help you with your pathophysiology courses and content.

Helpful Links


  • MedlinePlus - Videos and quizzes regarding specific diseases and conditions
  • Study Stack Nursing Flashcards
  • Mind Mapping - Use this strategy to review key terms and see connections between ideas
  • GetBodySmart - This site includes interactive diagrams and articles about body systems and anatomy; this site is now run by the same company as Kenhub
  • Kenhub - Kenhub has anatomy and physiology diagrams, quizzes, articles, and more. Many resources are available for free by creating an account, while others require a paid subscription.


Kirtland subscribes to the Merative Micromedex database which provides informed, evidence-based clinical decision-making, drug supply chain management and patient education.