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Writing & Citing Help Guide

Ethical Writing Choices

  • You need to cite any and all ideas and work that you use in your projects, papers, and assignments.
  • Citing expert sources makes your work credible.
  • Citing sources gives support to your position and proves your knowledge. It also shows that you are honest, which makes you a more reliable source.
  • Making ethical choices in your writing goes a long way to establishing your reputation in the scholastic and professional world.
  • Plagiarism also violates the KCC Student Code of Conduct, and can affect your grade and academic standing.

Helpful Resources

Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summarizing Guide

  • Want to know how to include sources in your work? This guide from University of Newcastle includes examples of paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting to help you get started and learn how to use each in your paper.

How to Quote and Paraphrase

  • If you're new to citing your sources, quoting, and paraphrasing in your work, this website from NorQuest College is a great resource that can help you get started.

Avoiding Plagiarism

  • This website from Harvard University includes lots of easy to understand information about plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism in your own work, especially in ways you may not have considered before.